Monday, 29 October 2012

Anger Gone! How to easily defeat Anger: Anger Management - Self Help Guide with practical Techniques

He who angers you, conquers you.
Elizabeth Kenny

Is anger affecting you or your health? Or, your relationships at home or at work?

Do you perhaps react like this?
  • Have regular outbursts
  • Fly 'off the handle' easily
  • Explore with anger or rage
  • Boil or burn up with anger
  • Feel threatened, helpless or out of control
  • Attack the ones you love
  • Have road rage
  • Avoid conflict for fear of consequences
  • Easily annoyed, frustrated and irritated
  • Blow things out of proportion

The consequences of anger or rage can be quite devastating.

Grab your copy of Anger Gone! How to easily defeat anger today!

Anger Gone! provides incredible benefits from the clutches of destructive anger.  It is possible to easily defeat Anger.  This Anger Management book is a Self Help program with practical Techniques that achieves highly effective, rapid relief and long-lasting results. 

Anger Gone! also contains eight exercises which can be applied in day-to-day conflict situations, as well as more than 40 strategies aimed at reducing stress, thus reducing and eliminating angry provocation.

Best of all, Anger Gone! recommends a technique that easily dismantles anger, assisting the readers to eliminate buried or hidden root causes of anger.

This self help program explores and provides an understanding of anger, the possible subconscious causes, characteristic differences between aggressive versus passive anger, explores anger verses rage, trauma and stages of loss (anger being one stage).  The reader receives a wealth of information and thus has a far better understanding of their own anger.  Naturally, anger also offers many gifts which are also detailed too.

Get your copy of Anger Gone! How to easily defeat Anger self help program and begin living a life of personal empowerment and freedom from negative and destructive anger, rage or angry outbursts today!