Monday, 3 September 2012

Self Help Bulimia Treatment

The eating disorder, Bulimia Nervosa is considered difficult to resolve. Although patients may seek costly private treatment, the success rates are relatively low as patients often relapse into binge eating. This on-going, unbroken cycle can leave a patient feeling helpless and hopeless. Until now, a successful Self Help Bulimia Treatment has been difficult, if not impossible to find.

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 Enter renowned UK therapist Tim Phizackerley, the creator and founder of PSTEC™, who has specialized in and successfully treated Bulimia Nervosa sufferers for many years. With the incredible success of his unique PSTEC™ audio process, he specifically designed a Self Help: Bulimia Treatment process as he cannot keep up with the demand.

Kaben Starre, C.Ht (Hypnotherapist - L.A./ Los Vegas, USA) said, "The brilliant effort you have made to put your expertise and wisdom into this truly effective program is obvious. I am not surprised that it is so effective since you are clearly Britain’s authority on these conditions. What I am surprised at, however, is the compounding effectiveness that each module builds in the user while at the same time being so easy to use. Just load the modules into an MP3 and go from one to the next module and do exactly as instructed. Repeat any module you need to!"

What is PSTEC - Self Help Bulimia Treatment?

UK based renowned and gifted therapist, Tim Phizackerley created his unique audio process, Percussive Suggestive Technique (PSTEC™) and has since had unprecedented success. Internationally, therapists and self help enthusiasts rave about his highly effective audio processes.

Quite simply, Tim's background includes quite varied disciplines and with his interest in the workings of the human mind, he discovered unusual ways to 'open the subconscious' and to then apply his new, beneficial programming to help clients.

Over a number of years, Tim has achieved relatively unheard of success while assisting Bulimia patients, presumably because his approach is so unique, a radical departure from conventional modalities or processes. As a result, Tim hasn't been able to keep up with the demands for private consultations. So without increasing his prices to a level that only benefit a handful of patients, Tim created a PSTEC™ audio process suited specifically for Self Help Bulimia Treatment.

This comprehensive Self Help Bulimia Treatment audio is easy to use. Simply download the program, plug and play (load it onto an MP3 player or similar audio player), and follow Tim's instructions. As you listen to the audios, you will notice Tim is very thorough and detailed in his approach hence his levels of success.

Many of his patients testify achieving success in just one session (usually a day of therapy with Tim). This comprehensive PSTEC™ Self Help Bulimia Treatment contains several hours of audios, and you can work at your own pace.

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