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Ho'oponopono Healing Technique

"Please forgive me.  I am sorry.  I love you.  Thank you."  Dr Hew Len

The remarkable Dr Ihaleakala Hew Len, a Hawaiian healer works with and teaches a powerful self-healing, self improvement system known as Ho'oponopono Healing Technique. This article summaries his incredible story together with providing a brief explanation of Ho'oponopono and how it can be applied.

A summary of Dr Len's incredible story:
Over twenty years ago, Dr Len miraculously healed a ward of mentally ill criminal patients at a Hawaii State Hospital using Ho'oponopono.

Although a University trained physician Dr Len he did not create Ho'oponopono, yet he should be credited for simplifying and improving the process. He diligently studied under the guidance of his teacher Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona, a Hawaiian traditional healer and international teacher until she passed away in 1992.

From 1984 - 1987 Dr Len was staff psychologist for a Hawaiian State Hospital where he oversaw the high security facility which housed criminally insane male patients. These patients were deemed as dangerous: they had committed violent crimes such as murder, rape, assault and because of their degrees of 'insanity' were locked into this high security psychiatric facility. Naturally, violence against each other and staff members was common.

Remarkably in 1987, as violence in this facility had virtually ceased, wrist and ankle restraints were no longer required. As the overall spirits and order improved, new off-site activities were introduced to these former violent patients. As patients improved and healed they were transferred to non-violent wards or released altogether. Within a mere three years the entire facility was closed ... an incredible miracle!

How did these miraculous changes occur?
Dr Len is reported as saying he did not do any therapy or counsel these patients. In fact, he literally did not see these patients in person either! Quite simply, and on a daily basis, he practiced this Ho'oponopono process which included accepting 100% responsibility for everything he experienced - this he says is what caused such miraculous transformation within these patients. In you are skeptical, this process has been well documented and witnessed by the State Hospital's staff who worked in this challenging environment.

What is Ho’oponopono? How does it work?
Dr Len is on record saying, "I didn't heal them. I healed part of myself that created them."

What specifically does Dr Len mean by, 'part of myself that created them?'

This is fundamental key to the entire foundation and process of Ho'oponopono because according to Dr Len, we are 100% responsible for everything ... everything and everywhere! Responsible not only our personal mistakes and problems but our personal successes too.
Furthermore, this also means if someone, who could be anywhere in the world, does something and you became aware of that action, you are also 100% responsible for that too. This may seem somewhat harsh, but when you realise you are your world, and the world is a mirror reflection of everything you are, the picture begins to take on a totally different shape.

Being 100% responsible is not the same as feeling infinitely guilty for miseries and wrongdoings, instead this is a reminder of your creative powers within. Therefore, instead of being driven by petty egoic desires, everything becomes effortlessly available and Divinely inspired.

It should now be clear that Ho'oponopono is a constant cleaning process. Cleaning away subconscious garbage or 'data' as Dr Len calls it and it is this data which runs us. Our data is at the root of everything we experience. Jesus said, "love your enemies" and according to Dr Len these 'enemies' actually referred to are all our negative emotions of anger, hate, greed, judgements, resentment etc. All of which contributes towards the data that runs us causing us our pain and suffering. Therefore, when we change the data within, the outer world changes.

Regrettably, we consistently apply dead or outdated data much of the time as the basis for our beliefs, perceptions, experiences and actions.

This constant cleaning is the essence and actual practise of Ho'oponopono. To release this outdated and obsolete data there are specific words, much like mantras, that are repeated continuously while cleansing one's self of a specific issue, memory or event.

These Ho’oponopono constant cleaning phrases are simply:

     I love you.  Please forgive me.  I am sorry.  Thank you.

Repeating these phrases will initiate self transformation, which is precisely what Dr. Hew Len did to invite divine transformation to his work and surroundings at the Hawaiian hospital. Although these words may appear simplistic, they are immensely powerful especially when uttered with as much sincerity as possible, either silently or aloud, to the Divine or whatever you believe your True Creator to be.

Valuable Resources:
To continue your personal journey and exploration of this amazing healing process, here are additional resources:

1. Nine part series of interviews by Rita Montgomery and Dr Rick Moss with Dr Hew Len. All nine interviews appear on the side of this Youtube page here.

2. A Ho'oponopono book by author Max Freedom Long, The Secret Science Behind Miracles: Huna Magic and Ho'Opono, Ho'Oponopono Instant Healing

     I love you.  Please forgive me.  I am sorry.  Thank you.

Enjoy applying the remarkable process of Ho'oponopono Healing Technique, and exploring the immeasurable benefits of taking complete responsibility for everything in your life.


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